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Lite RADIO is a new local radio station broadcasting to Surrey and surrounding areas which launches later this month. We spoke to Matt Cadman to find out more about Lite RADIO and the benefits of using local radio to reach prospective clients.

Can you tell me some more about your background and what prompted the decision to launch Lite RADIO?

I have worked in radio all my life. I have lived and breathed local radio from a very young age and seen how it can really enhance a local area – supporting businesses, local charities and being a voice for a local area. My background in recent years has been founding and launching the successful Vibe 107.6 in Watford and being a Director for MKFM in Milton Keynes.

I have spent a great deal of my life in Surrey and I’ve never been that far away both physically and emotionally. I’ve always felt like Surrey is quite a unique place because it’s an area people are very proud to be a part of and in recent years we have seen long established commercial radio stations become part of national networks. This made me see an opportunity to launch a new radio station that was focused on Surrey. Just because larger groups are swallowing up local radio stations doesn’t mean the need is no longer there.

Can you tell me some more about the proposition?

Lite RADIO is a new type of local radio station, in that it will be without a studio and will be run completely remotely. This benefits us by enabling people to work from home or for the station to appear at events etc and “pop-up” and broadcast from anywhere within Surrey.

Lite aims primarily at the 35-54 age group in Surrey, but positioning our music on a soft adult contemporary format with local information, gossip and news.

How do you plan to raise awareness of Lite RADIO?

As Lite will be out at lots of events in the area, my best experience with marketing local radio is that it’s always better to be on the ground, out meeting the audience and using tools like social media to create a buzz. I’ve frankly been amazed at the level of interest and support so far.

What are the advantages of using radio as a form of advertising?

From every £1 spent on radio advertising, on average it will return £8. Radio is one of the most cost effective means of advertising and it has a unique way of being able to be non-intrusive in people’s every day life.

Is there a particular industry where radio advertising works more effectively?

Radio works very well for consumer led companies. Those who talk to the general public (restaurants, car dealerships, garden centres, shopping centres, estate agents, pubs etc). One way we measure success is by how much response advertisers get from their campaigns.

Does radio campaign work best independently of other advertising mediums or is it best used to complement existing advertising?

I can’t really speak for other advertising mediums, but one thing I would say is that by advertising on Lite RADIO, you’re not only advertising on one of the best means of advertising but you are also helping a local not-for-profit company and indirectly assist other organisations like charities, who benefit from promotion of their events.

How has radio advertising changed as the focus on digital marketing has increased?

I think as digital marketing increases and our Facebook and Twitter feeds become full of advertising and national radio stations focus more on the bigger brands, local radio offers something quite unique. Across the country, community led radio stations have benefited from the pandemic mainly by showing how necessary local radio is to a region.

What makes a memorable radio campaign?

It is the old phrase “keep it simple stupid”. One of the most memorable radio adverts for me was on 210 FM in Reading back in the early 90s. “For beds in Reading – the place to be heading is Reading bedding” is how it started and I can still remember the advert word for word to this day.

What are your long-term plans for the station?

We aim to be the “go to” place for local radio in Surrey and work with local businesses and organisations to help ensure Surrey remains a top place to live, do business and carry out leisurely activities.

When does it all start and how do we tune in?

We launch on DAB Digital Radio on 7th December. You can tune in at and via smart speakers.

We wish Matt every success with the launch of Lite RADIO, we will be tuning in on 7th Dec here in the office.

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