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Embrace Life

It has long been recognised that the moving image has a unique and powerful way of capturing the imagination and engaging with audiences. According to Forrester Research, 1 minute of video is worth 1.8million words… based on this stat, could we create the following calculation for a video lasting one minute?

1 picture = 1,000 words (video shoots 30 frames per second)

Therefore, 1 second of video = 30,000 words

30,000 x 60 seconds = 1.8million

A stretch perhaps, but it certainly gives food for thought.

There are many studies that have looked at information retention when paired with imagery. One such study by Insivia found that viewers retain 95% of a message when watched in a video, versus just 10% via text.

Put simply, video boosts engagement. Furthermore, if you can harness a clear, powerful message with positivity, then you have the chance to create authentic emotional engagement with your target audience.

What does this mean for your brand? Video comes in many forms and can be used for varying purposes. Do you need to introduce your team to inject some personality into your business profile? Are you a start-up looking to attract investors? Have you recognised the increased usage and platforms available for video across social media? Whatever your needs, video can play a pivotal role in your communications mix.

There’s no doubt that it can appear a daunting path to walk but, in the right hands, it really needn’t be. Here are a few tips for creating compelling storytelling and strong brand messaging:


If you can easily explain your story idea and/or brand message in just a sentence or two then you’ll be moving in the right direction. A Producer taught me early on in my career to hone my idea as if it were appearing on the back of a DVD box (remember DVDs?). There’s little room for flab using this technique and it helps sharpen and hone communicating your idea and core brand message to anyone. This can set you on the path to distilling complex messages into engaging storytelling.

A good example is ‘Always #LikeAGirl’:

The simple premise takes a sadly common, negative phrase and turns it into a positive. The video shifts the power back to the very audience who have been targeted with this derogatory phrase. A straightforward concept, executed with positivity and hope.


An often used word but so important. Audiences are incredibly switched on and are finely tuned to spot fakery or inauthentic communication. I believe that treating your audience with intelligence and respect is paramount to connecting authentically.

When I created the award-winning Public Service Announcement (PSA), ‘Embrace Life’, I believed the way to separate our film from other road safety films was to give people a positive reason (more on this later) to change their behaviour, not to ‘tell’ them they must change. A wagging finger approach, in my opinion, would just disengage the audience regardless of the message.

Furthermore, I was proposing a car safety PSA that didn’t have any dialogue (which would translate to international audiences) or, probably the biggest eyebrow raiser, even a car! The reason for this? To engage the curiosity of the audience with imagery that peeled back the scenario layer by layer and allowed them to feel a part of the story, with space to project their own thoughts and experiences… authentic engagement.

‘Dove - Real Beauty Sketches’:

This is a wonderful advert (and part of a much larger campaign) tackling how people view themselves compared to how others see them. A single location shoot, authentic interactions and reactions, with an intriguing through line that leads the viewer to the positive conclusion.

So, when considering how to create the content for your business videos, be authentic with your messaging.


On paper it may seem obvious, but does your message come across positively? Clearly with certain subjects this may not be always possible, but an audience will more readily recall positive imagery than negative. With your video, you have the chance to take an audience on a journey with your business, for them to connect and ‘feel’ how your brand values resonate with them. Make connection with feeling…

An effective piece of storytelling can inspire an emotional response, educate your audience, and build an authentic following. Your messaging can be conveyed in a standalone piece or it can be achieved over the course of several connected and complementary pieces of content, for social media, for example.

Ice cream brand Coolhaus express positivity in their ‘#AsAwesomeAsYouAre’ video:

Ice Cream is a fun product and, for most of us, elicits thoughts of positivity and good times. Coolhaus have fun with their product and take their audience on a journey, lightly poking fun at taking both their product and life too seriously. The video talks directly to the target audience, personalising the message, and inviting them into the Coolhaus world.

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, you have a story to tell. Here at Your Marketing Team, we can work with you to harness the power of storytelling via video to create genuinely authentic engagement with your target audience and widen the reach of your brand. Get in touch with our team today.