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From the start of traditional television commercials in the 1960’s to today’s world of YouTube, Snapchat, Vimeo and Instagram it is no secret that video has become a focal point to our everyday lives. Video marketing is nothing new but with the rise in technology, internet and smartphones this has opened up new opportunities to expand on your marketing activities.

Why Video content is important in 2019

When it comes to video, human attention spans are getting shorter and shorter with technology increasing in speed. Did you know 80% of users will recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days? Hubspot says 'Videography helps deliver messages in a shorter amount of time through visual and auditorial story telling. Videos can help and support a variety of different marketing and business goals, including sales, retention, customer education and overall brand awareness.'

Videography for your website

Our SEO results show that video is proven to increase organic traffic to a website. Landing pages, brand stories, customer testimonials and showing the product in use are the popular choices to explain who you are as a company. We recently produced a video for sustainability solutions provider EVORA to replace a static image on their homepage.

You can see using dolly pans and shooting with a high frame rate will get a professional, sleek and aesthetically pleasing story behind your brand.

Social media

Videography has come leaps and bounds from the start of social media. The surge of mobile technology has now given videography another route to optimise in mobile viewing. Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. SmallBizTrends social media for videography has become an essential tool to advertise, make people aware and showcase daily activities/products.

Videography trends on social platforms

Did you know that YouTube mobile ads are 84% more likely to hold attention than TV ads?

YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are the main platforms used to promote video content. When choosing a social media channel it is important to revisit your overall marketing strategy and focus on where your target audience are. Any content will need to align with the values of your organisation and brand message.

Here are a few top trends which can be used for promotional videos:

1) @mattjkomo

The blogging montage has been around since YouTube began. Matt portrays this visually in a stunning way from using high exposure and speed ramping to take you on a journey. This style is very popular at the moment. With the power of editing it makes a simple day in the life montage have personality and character.

2) @buzzfeedtasty

How-to videos are always in demand, from DIY to baking a cake to even how to ride a bike. This is a very good technique and will get great engagement for your brand. Buzzfeedtasty make baking easy with very simple how to bake in 30 seconds to 1 min videos on social media platforms. Take a look on their page to find out more.

3) The RSA

Infographic animations are a visual form of data which are very effective with using kinetic typography. This technique is great if you want to make your data come alive. Companies which are heavily data driven will use this technique to engage their audience and improve their understanding on the subject matter.

Overall, videography is here to stay. They can attract large audiences when promoted and shared across social media channels, so it is Important to ensure you have a clear message when you are creating your content. Videography changes all the time, so watching new adverts, researching Instagram and viewing YouTube can be useful reference points when looking to create an engaging video.

If you are thinking of creating a video for your website or need advice as to the best route forward for a new marketing campaign, please get in touch to speak to our team.