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The #yourmarketingteam has featured on our social posts for a few years now and we have recently registered the domain name. We use this phrase as a way of summarising what it is we do for our clients. In theory, we use our years of collective experience working with recognised big brand names to operate as a Marketing Consultancy, providing guidance and writing strategy for SMEs who are missing a Marketing Director in their management team or need to bring in additional support to bolster business growth. In reality, we do more than that. We manage the everyday marketing tasks as outsourced Marketing Managers, working alongside our customers in exactly the same way they would work with their Accountant or IT support company. When a marketing task lands in any form in our customers’ inbox, we become their ‘Go-To’ team, whether it is creating a quick social media post for an industry news story that has just hit the headlines or as an extra pair of hands at a trade show. We are there as their marketing team.

Not an agency...

This has become a bit of an internal joke. We look like an agency. We do the kind of work that agencies do. But, and I always say repeatedly, we are not a Marketing Agency. Not that I have anything against marketing agencies. I don’t mean it in a derogatory way. Far from it. Without our partner agencies, we would not be able to deliver this service to our clients. What I mean is, we are a team of outsourced marketing professionals who use our expertise and management skills to become a member of our clients’ team. We don’t need a brief. No briefs are signed off. We don’t measure our success on whether we have delivered a new campaign or a nice-looking website accordingly. We measure our success by looking at how we have helped a client’s business to grow. When any company employs a Marketing Manager, they typically measure their success on the ability to deliver against the business objectives. When a client hires us as their marketing team, our overall objective is to fall in line with theirs, which is usually to maintain and grow a position in the market or to expand into a new one. Creating brands, websites and campaigns is all part of this process and we couldn’t do it without our partners.

Our partners

We have a core team of six. Typically, these are the roles any larger organisation would hire in-house. Marketing management, digital marketing, graphic design and PR. According to every customer need and budget, we then work with our established network of trusted partners to deliver against their requirements. This creates a wider bespoke team, drawing in the right set of skills for each project. Depending on the industry, the complexity, and the nature of the task, we can pull together the resources required to deliver the right result. Over the last eight years, we have forged strong relationships with photographers, videographers, copywriters, printers, designers and web developers. This flexibility in our approach, also means that we can easily work with your partners too. If you have built up a strong relationship with an agency, freelance professional or already have in-house resource, we are happy to work alongside them to build upon the knowledge and experience they have working with you and maximise this investment.

Working across all sectors

We have a broad background of industry experience in the team, from IT to Fashion. The fundamental principles of marketing remain the same for every business, so with our breadth of experience and a fresh pair of eyes looking at a business, we can apply our knowledge across industry sectors. As we work as an outsourced marketing team and to protect our client interests, we only work with one client in each sector at a time.

If your business is in need of some marketing support, please get in touch with us to speak to a member of the team. We would love to help.