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Charlie Taylor

Digital Marketing Executive


Charlie has a wide variety of creative ideas and has great exposure to social media and technology due to him being from Generation Z. He took his first step into the Marketing world by joining Your Marketing Team 3 years ago.


It’s refreshing for us all to have Charlie’s skills in the team. His key traits are modern creativity, a forward-thinking approach to tasks and projects, and a real eagerness to learn from those around him.

Years Experience

Charlie has gained his first years of experience working alongside our highly skilled consultancy team. In this time, he has had exposure to many tasks including planning, graphic design, social media management, SEO and HTML web coding.


Boxing, House Music, Chelsea FC, Family.


Unnecessary pressure, small talk and cheese.

A bit more...

Being at Your Marketing Team is enjoyable for Charlie as he finds it beneficial learning from his experienced colleagues and being involved in a wide variety of projects for clients in many different sectors.