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    Penny Thompson

    Marketing Consultant


    Penny graduated with a degree in Media Production and began her career in client service for integrated marketing agencies in both London and Sydney. Within her 10 years in account management she worked on a wide range of projects with clients including Mercedes-Benz, Scottish Courage and Westfield Shopping Centres. With the birth of her first daughter Penny searched for a business idea to enable her to work from home. In 2006 she and a friend founded a brand selling natural wool products for babies and toddlers. Together they established a range, including their own branded products, and developed an e-commerce platform. The business grew from strength to strength over the next 12 years until they eventually sold in 2018.


    Marketing and Business Development. Project Management. Branding. E-commerce.

    Years Experience

    20+ years in Marketing and Business Development


    Cold sunny days, muddy exercise and lots of music.


    The M25, emptying the dishwasher, being late!

    A bit more...

    Penny joined Your Marketing Team in September 2019. After spending many years working from home, she is really happy to now be working as part of the Kemp team. She is hopeful that the perspective and experience she has gained from both sides of the fence will be useful to help our clients businesses grow.