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4 Tips For Successfully Marketing to Generation Z

Generation Z now make up 26 % of the worldwide population and nearly half of the total media and online audience (Nielsen Data 06/18), so there is no doubt that targeting this digitally-savvy, technology driven generation will be widely beneficial to your business. Although the average income per household is decreasing year on year, Generation Z still manages to contribute £20 billion to the UK economy. With so many brands jostling for their attention, the big question is ‘How do you reach this audience?’ Here are just four quick tips to always keep in mind when marketing to those aged 16-24.

Adapt to new channels

Social media and mobile marketing should top the list of considerations when marketing to ages 16-24. This has become a vital part of reaching Generation Z as a huge 98% of this market now own a smartphone (The Economic Times 10/17) and research suggests the average time spent online by this generation per day has skyrocketed. It is important to quickly grab attention by using various engaging and interactive formats including images, GIFs, videos, polls and stories.

Demonstrate consideration for shifting attitudes

There is no doubt that younger generations are more diverse and open to an ever-changing world, so it is important to reflect these accepting attitudes when targeting Generation Z. Stay clear of patronising or stereotypical language to encourage worthwhile engagement from a variety of young people.

Create positive and motivating content

This age group undoubtedly values genuine people and stories over celebrities and lifestyle ideals. Gen Z often understand sales techniques used in a variety of marketing efforts and would rather feel motivated to succeed than pressured to spend. Authenticity is key as this self-educating generation will not be fooled by air-brushed models and one-off discounts.

Communicate your message quickly and clearly

It is easy to forget that Generation Z have never known a world unconnected by the internet. The ease of access to technology has shrunk the attention span of young people which has left marketers scratching their heads over how to encourage engagement. Unless someone young is searching for something specific online, it is extremely unlikely that they will be willing to read a large chunk of text or watch a long, dragged-out video full of information. Instead, create bite sized, visually appealing content that can easily be understood and shared further.

When marketing to Generation Z remember to be clear with your points, open to change, positive and motivating and don’t be shy with using platforms that are popular amongst young people. After all, these platforms tend to be where youngsters spend the most time and give the most attention to. Personally, I think there is no better way than targeting youths through Instagram and Snapchat as these apps have become the ‘go-to’ platforms for 16-24 year olds to interact online. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your marketing campaigns, we are always happy to help.