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Rise of Mobile

Mobile phones are a constant companion and a primary source of information for much of the world’s population. The importance of mobile is only going to grow with advances in mobile internet speed and coverage. In this blog post we look at 3 key things to consider as you optimise your digital marketing strategy.

Downloadable App vs Mobile Friendly Website

Whether your business should invest in building a mobile app that people download or just have a mobile friendly website will depend on a number of factors which will be unique to each business. Mobile apps will allow you to access more of the native computing power of the phone. This may result in a faster experience and will open up opportunities to use technology not available in the browser. However, for many businesses it does not make sense to build a native application as these apps stand alone in isolation and are not yet as deeply entwined with Google or other search engines. There are many cases in which having a mobile friendly website will yield better results than investing money in an app which may not be found or used as frequently as a well optimised website. There are also many cases in which developing an app is a necessity. This decision should be weighed up on a case by case basis.

Make It Easy For People To Call Your Business

With all of the computing power many smartphones now have, it’s easy to forget that mobile phones are primarily designed for calling people. You should make it as easy as possible for somebody to ring your business from their mobile phone. If it has not been set up already, you can insert a piece of HTML code around each phone number so when a visitor clicks on it, it will dial your number straight away.

Mobile AdWords Targeting

If you’re using AdWords as a strategy for getting your business in front of the right people online, there is much that can be done to optimise this targeting for mobile. You choose to bid slightly higher in the auctions for placements on mobile phones. For some industries, there is a significant difference between conversion rates for mobile and desktop/tablet traffic. You can customise your AdWords bidding strategy to reflect this. Another option is to take advantage of AdWords’ location based targeting. This will allow you to reach people within a certain range of your physical location.

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