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Social media image sizing

Now, more than ever, there are so many different types of images you can use across your social channels to convey your brand message. Once there were just photos on your feed, but today there are banners, headers and even stories to consider.

The importance of correctly sizing your images for social media cannot be understated. Poorly sized images can pixelate, causing very poor image quality or not display the whole photo, which could cause your marketing efforts and brand messaging to go unnoticed in a noisy digital environment. Social platforms are constantly updated too, so you can future proof your social accounts by ensuring your images are sized appropriately, in high resolution. Be aware that updates to social platforms may change the way that your images display, so keep an eye out for any sizing and layout changes across all platforms.

When choosing what sites to convey your brand message, step into your target audience’s shoes and consider where and how they are interacting. You may have accounts across some or all of these sites, but our advice always stays the same: it’s better to post great content to fewer channels, than try to cover all of them sporadically.

Our team have put together a concise guide for the recommended image sizes for your company profile on the 5 most popular social media platforms used by businesses – LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube*. We’ve also added some helpful tips, along with the image file formats accepted by each platform.

We can help you form a social media strategy and plan your content before you start posting to social media. Get in touch with us today for advice and pointers on how to kick off your content plan and begin to convey your brand message online.

* All sizes correct as of November 2021